dataTaker CANgate™ – CAN bus, GPS and data acquisition

dataTaker CANgate™ – CAN bus, GPS and data acquisition

Two CAN interface ports are included, which allow connection of two independent CAN networks. CANgate's versatile configuration options allow you to select the parameters of interest, apply statistical functions (average, minimum, maximum) and control the format in which data are returned. CANgate supports widely used protocols such as ISO-15765-2 and SAE-J1939, as well as raw CAN frames.

Many CAN networks are used in vehicle, transport and marine applications where positional information can be an important part of the data collected. CANgate includes a GPS interface to allow integration of the positional and other information available from GPS systems.

The dataTaker DeLogger™ host software application supports the use of CANgate in conjunction with the dataTaker DT80™ range of data loggers. CAN and GPS parameters of interest may be selected from a predefined or user defined database of SAE J1939, OBD-II and NMEA-0183 (GPS) parameters.

Warranty: All dataTaker Data Loggers are covered by a 3 year warranty on workmanship and parts.

Downloads: Brochure (400kb)  Users Manual  (800kb)

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