Diesel Particulate Monitor l Mining l MAHA MPM-4M

Monitoring for maximum fuel efficiency and air quality in heavy vehicles

Diesel Particulate Monitor l Mining l MAHA MPM-4M

The MPM-4M is a rugged, practical and easily operated diesel particulate measuring instrument specfically designed for measuring particle concentrations in the exhaust of mining engines. Using advanced laser light-scattering technology coupled with integrated sample preconditioning, the MPM-4M can accurately and instantly measure diesel particulate concentrations in the exhaust from all engine types,including exhaust which has passed through water scrubbers.

Key Benefits

Workplace Health

Lowering the diesel particulates expelled from vehicles can significantly reduce the risk of diesel-related cancer as well as other respiratory illnesses.

Diesel exhaust has been named as a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. The International Agency for Research on Cancer identified that underground miners were at an increased risk of lung cancer due to the high levels of exposure they are subjected to in the workplace.

Airborne particulates, such as diesel particulates, can also lead to other diseases including asthma, pulmonary fibrosis and heart disease.

Reduce Your Vehicle Running Costs

Don't assume - KNOW your vehicles are being maintained for optimum fuel efficiency and longevity of parts.

When used as part of regular maintenance procedures, the MAHA MPM-4M provides feedback on the level of diesel particulate matter in the exhaust - a key indicator of the efficiency of filters.

Underperforming filters can lead to poor fuel efficiency and potentially lead to expensive parts replacements.

Fast And Easy To Use

Maintenance and monitoring personnel, in the workshop or in the field, do not want to spend time adjusting settings to make something work.

The MPM-4M is truly ”plug-and-play”:

  • Turn it on, insert the probe and start measuring 
  • Auto-zero for every test 
  • Singe button operation 
  • Simple user prompts 
  • Continuously stores test data 
  • Automatically processes and displays test result 
  • Simple connection to PC or laptop if desired (not essential)
  • One-minute calibration check 

Brochure Download

For more information please download the MAHA - MPM- 4M Diesel Engine Particulate Analyser brochure

MAHA MPM-4M Technical Overview - Diesel Particle Measurement System for Mining and Non-Road Engines

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