NMEA to SDI-12 Protocol Converter

NMEA to SDI-12 Protocol Converter

The NMEA to SDI-12 Protocol Converter (PDS-PC-UNI) was developed to detect any parameter from an NMEA 0183
data stream and convert it into the more easily digestible SDI-12 protocol.

• NMEA 0183 output compatible 
• SDI-12 v1.3 compliant 
• All SDI-12 data validated 
• Low power consumption 
• User selectable averaging 
• Simultaneous readings of up to 10 NMEA sentences 

By utilising the intuitive configuration utility (Windows® software), the end-user can effortlessly load / save config files
to the device, enabling ease of integration with a broad range of NMEA 0183-compatible sensors across a range of
parameters (depth / level, wind speed/direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity etc).


                                                                                   Includes Windows® configuration software

Multiple serial sensors can be streamed into a single data acquisition/logger, as multiple protocol converters can
operate on the same SDI-12 bus.

With simulatenous readings of up to 10 NMEA sentences, user-defined thresholds can be set to trigger a control output
(e.g. SMS / visual / audible alarm, turn a pump on/off etc) depending on the application.

This version of the protocol converter accepts NMEA 0183 data (RS485) and parses the selected parameter readings
from the sensor(s) and makes these available as SDI-12 values. The converter is fully SDI-12 V1.3 compliant and is
capable of providing pass through power to power the sensor directly.

All data parsed is checked for validity and a known constant value (-1) is output if the data is either invalid or the sensor
is not connected, thus making data analysis easy.

Technical Specifications
Power Requirement: 9-40VDC
Power Consumption: 40mA
Signal Input: RS485 (NMEA 0183)
Signal Output: SDI-12 v1.3
Default SDI-12 Address: 0
Warmup time (until valid data): <5 seconds

Download the NMEA to SDI-12 Protocol Converter brochure

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