SatVUE Remote Satellite Monitoring System

SatVUE Remote Satellite Monitoring System

Remote monitoring is often an essential requirement in the Environmental, Mining, Oil & Gas, etc sectors yet it is often impractical or potentially unsafe to retrieve crucial data when situated in hard-to-reach locations.

In response, Pacific Data Systems has developed SatVUE, an off-the-shelf remote satellite monitoring solution.

Save Time and Money
The SatVUE Remote Satellite Monitoring System removes the need for staff to physically visit sites and conduct manual measurements/data retrieval where monitoring is being conducted, which in turn could save thousands of dollars in travel and staff resource expenses every year.

The SatVUE system utilises a simple plug ‘n’ play approach for simple field installations - setup in 3 minutes! By utilising minimal hardware, in contrast with alternative solutions on the market, this cost-effective, robust system is a reliable choice for the end user.

Key Features

• Multi–sensor Compatibility
• Solar or Battery Powered
• Easy Plug ‘n’ Play Installation
• Online Data Portal Enabling Full Remote Access
• IsatData Pro Satellite Network Communications

Key Benefits

• Low Maintenance
• Cost-effective Solution
• Monitor outside of 3G / 4G Infrastructure
• Improve Operations Efficiency, Greater Visibility
• Custody of Data, Reduces Data Transposition Errors

Flexible Sensor Integration
With up to 2 Analog, Digital or MODBUS I/O protocol inputs available, a broad range of sensors can be integrated with the SatVUE system. 

This makes for the perfect solution regardless of the parameters you are required to monitor; water level, pH, DO, turbidity, EC, flow, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, CO2, SO2, O2, volatile organic compounds, soil moisture, leaf wetness, hydrocarbons, to name a few.

Remote Data Access
From as little as $1 per day, SatVUE will transmit your crucial measurements / readings (at user-defined intervals) via an established satellite communications link; the IsatData Pro
Satellite Network.

Access data anywhere, anytime via your own unique and secure (username and password) web portal at using your web-enabled device (smartphone, PC, tablet etc).

Graphing, mimics and location tracking (via Google Maps) makes it quick and easy to check the current status of your SatVUE device. Data can be downloaded in a variety of formats; .CSV, .xls, PDF. 

SatVUE software

Mounting and Power Options
Designed as an off-the shelf, plug ‘n’ play solution SatVUE couldn’t be easier to set up in-field. Choose from either a pole mounted version or a tank mount version. 

SatVUE models

The SatVUE Remote Satellite Monitoring System is the perfect solution for a varying range of applications. Some examples include:
SatVUE applications
Technical Specifications
IP Rating                            IP65                               
Weight                               5.1kg (solar model) 2.1kg (batt model)
Battery Type                       12V/7.2AHr SLA (solar model) / Li.primary 12V/13AHr (batt)
Battery Life                         ~2yrs at 2 messages per day
Battery Operating Temp       -20°C - +60°C (-68°F - 140°F)       
Battery Charger                  12V SLA charger with international adapter
Power Input                       12 - 32V
Power Output                      5V|12V
Analog Inputs                     2 x [4-20mA|0-10V|0-5V|0-3V], 1 x 0-3V (3 in total)                     
Digital Inputs                      3 x (shared digital and analog inputs), 1 x Modbus RS485
Digital Outputs                    2 x 12V, 1 x 3V  
I/O Connector Type            1 x Tajimi 5-pin female conn.; 1 xTajimi 7-pin female conn.  
Solar Panel                        5W
No Solar Days                    ~30
Pole Mounting OD               50mm

More Information
Please visit for more information including brochures, case studies etc.

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