SPOKEdata 3G Monitoring Solution

SPOKEdata 3G Monitoring Solution

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SPOKEdata is an off-the-shelf 3G monitoring solution for a broad range of industries including environmental, industrial, construction, manufacturing, process management, scientific, agriculture, and education.

Web Management Platform - Multi-site Management
The SPOKEdata.com web portal is a central management platform for the maintenance of your remote sensors. You can quickly report on your data, battery and signal strength and be alerted to any problems.

It is from this remote platform that you can activate and deactivate SIMs, set logging and sensor parameters, position SPOKEdata on maps, and manage your end user logins, passwords and much more.

Sensor Management - Remotely configure sensor settings, logging interval and alarm thresholds of each data channel
Sensor Configuration

You can change the sensor configuration settings, such as 4-20mA calibration, directly from the website. The new settings are automatically propogated back to the SPOKEdata on its next communication.

Change logging interval
Change the logging interval of any of your sensors from the website. From 1 log per minute to 1 log per day -   depending on your hardware compatibility.

Set up multiple alarms per sensor if required. Deliver alarms via SMS or Email. High and low alarms with time or hysteresis reset values. Set up alarms on calculated inputs, if required. 

SPOKEdata features & benefits 

Applications - SPOKEdata can accept a variety of sensors across several communication protocols
(4-20mA, 0-5V, SDI-12, RS-485 Modbus, counter inputs). This allows SPOKEdata products to be used across many different monitoring applications. Some examples include: SPOKEdata applications
To find out more about some of these example applications download the SPOKEdata application note here 


Complete Solution

We offer the complete turn-key solution which includes mounting kit, battery enclosure and solar panel with bird spike.
Just plug in the required sensors and be up and running in a matter of minutes!

Models Available

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Regardless of whether your requirement is simple or beSpoke please contact our customer service team to discuss a product or solution to meet your needs.


 SPOKEdata w/solar

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