Elsec 7650 Series - UV and Light Monitor

Elsec 7650 Series - UV and Light Monitor

The Elsec 7650 and 7650C enable measurement of two parameters that cause damage to buildings and precious artifacts: ultra-violet light and visible light.

With the Elsec 7650, anyone can take measurements straight out of the box with little, if any, reference to the instruction manual.

Ultraviolet (UV)

Using the Elsec 7650 (C), measurements can be taken of the proportion of UV present (µW/lumen) and the total amount of UV (mW/M²).

Visible Light

The amount of visible light is important, not only to check illumination in work areas, galleries etc but also to control damage to light sensitive objects that is also caused by normal light. Measurements can be displayed as Lux or Foot-candles.

Data Logging

The optional data-logging function (7650C) enables over 70,000 readings of both parameters to be automatically taken at selectable intervals (every 10 seconds to 1 hour). The saved data can then be transferred to a computer by a standard USB interface. When logging data the 765 can be turned off to save power and the built in clock will turn the unit on whenever a reading needs to be taken, this enables a 7650C to be left taking readings for months at a time. Software is provided to display the measurements and save the logged data in CSV format that can be accessed and displayed by many programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

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